Real-size reproductions of marine fossils, the reproduction reference is under each description (link to prices in the menu). Images are often clickable to access other views of the reproduction. There may be some (small) color variations between actual reproductions and photos.


-400 millions d'années à aujourd'hui


Beautiful resin casting of a Coelacanth , species Coccoderma barvaricum 150 million years old Solnhofen Bavaria Germany
Plate size 29cm x 10.5 cm

REF: coela-r

Jurassique inférieur -200 à -175 millions d'années

Young Ichthyosaurus

Beautiful detailed resin cast of a young Ichthyosaurus , full body 52 cm long Triassic and Jurassic period, Holzmaden Germany
Ichthyosaurus is one of the best-known fish-bodied reptiles. It bore a striking resemblance to modern-day dolphins. The origin of this group is still obscure.
Plate size 55cm x 13 cm fixing on the back for wall hanging 

REF: icht3-r
Jeune Ichthyosaure

Début du Miocène  -23 à -5 millions d'années

Carcharodon megalodon

Resin casting of a 13cm tooth of a prehistoric shark Carcharodon megalodon (Tertiary period USA - Carolina
This gigantic shark (up to 15 m long), cousin of the white shark, appeared in the Tertiary period at the beginning of the Miocene (-24 million years ago - 5 million years ago) and became extinct approximately 1.5 million years ago at the end of the Pliocene.
Tooth size 13 cm, width 10cm

REF: Charca
Dent Carcharodon

Fin de l’ère primaire -299 à -152 millions d'années

Mesosaurus Braziliensis 

Beautiful resin CAST of a Mesosaurus Braziliensis , small aquatic reptile from the end of the primary era. It could reach 1m long. Size of this specimen 40cm Irati Brazil
Casting size 44cm long, 11cm wide 

ref meso-R

Mesosaurus Braziliensis

Jurassique inférieur  -200 à -175 millions d'années


Superb and impressive resin and fiberglass CAST, extremely realistic of a whole Ichthyosaurus (Stenopterygius quadriscissus) Lower Jurassic Posidenia Shale 180 million years old, Upper Lias, Holzmaden, Germany
size 1.15m long by 36cm high

REF: grand-ich

Crétacé supérieur -100 à -66 millions d'années

Platecarpus ictericus

Very beautiful and impressive resin CAST of a large skull (47 cm long) of a marine reptile Platecarpus ictericus belonging to the group of Mosasaurs, marine predators of the Cretaceous period. Mosasaurs are a special group of marine reptiles. Indeed, unlike other marine reptiles, Mosasaurs are related to terrestrial lizards like today's monitor lizards.
Upper Cretaceous Kansas Niobrara Formation USA
Total size of the molding 55cm long, 27cm high

Platecarpus ictericus


Ichthyosaurus communis

Prehistoric fossil reproduction, in bioplastic and resin of a fossilized skull of Ichthyosaurus communis, found in Dorset Great Britain (low Jurassic 180 million years old
26cm long, 3cm thick

REF: Ichth4
Ichthyosaurus communis